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"Frink". A word of a thousand uses, a hundred meanings and one bored-out-of-his-mind physicist. This site is dedicated to the one or two things that interest him or have merely been thrust upon him by that cruel and sadistic puppetmaster we call Fate (amongst other things beginning with F).

Here you shall find precious little in the way of witty banter, a minute amount of original material amongst megabytes of ripped off works and quite possibly whole sections of the site unfinished due to boredom (actually, never mind 'possibly' this site is extremely unfinished). But don't let that put you off! All the old rubbish is still around but will eventually be incorporated into the new design by around 2010. There are a lot of bandwidth-sapping icons and images around. You don't actually need any of them for navigation so if you just want to read then use a text browser or turn off images. I know they take a while on a modem but I like pretty piccies and I use a large res display so making them smaller simply isn't an option ;0). Hey, it's my site, the choice is yours...

You can find out some things about me here (if you look very closely). If you tickle the lovely Carol Vorderman she'll show you what I've been up to at work and play. Professor Frink will be more than happy to explain at great length what a Frink is, hmm-hey, hmm-hey. Some general info about the site, its production and what you can or can't nick is also available. The rest of the site is devoted to such mundane and wildly interesting things like which OS I think the sun shines out of, whether my favourite colour is brown and all sorts of other trivialities that nobody but stalkers and your mum give a flying monkeys about. Maybe flying monkeys give a flying monkeys but I haven't been able to shoot one down. Ground-based simians are undecided as of yet.

However, if you're still here and are interested in Linux, Lemurs, Loonies or Lattices (well, Physics, but physics doesn't begin with L... yet) then stay tuned (or click some of the icons, you'll get on quicker that way).

In the Linux section you'll find some information as to what it is, why I like it and use it and an overview of a Linux network I set up and managed (and mangled) for a few years. There are also instructions on installing Linux on Pico Consul laptops.

Lemurs are great. They're also endangered. They're also highly devious and can have it away with your car keys before you've realised your wallet's gone as well. Head on over to the Lemurs section for a brief course on Prosimians and why you should always carry a Twinkie™ with you at all times.

There's nothing funnier than a fat, stupid loon. Unless they're boring through the walls of your house at 3am with an enormous drill, naturally, they just get jobs on daytime TV doing house makeovers. The fun ones end up in my Hall of Loonies, a dedication to the various Loonies of stage, screen and animation.

I admit it: I'm a Physicist. I do Physics. To be more fun you can say you're a Funki Fizzycyst and that you're into Fizzix, but you're still boring and nobody really knows what the hell you do. "Splitting atoms and stuff.", "Blowing things up.", "Zapping things." and "What's physics?" (real quotes) are some of the responses I've had to this admission and people's ideas of what we do. If only! Most of my work is on crystal structure and magnetism (lattices, magnetic moments and all that). I shall recount the horrors of what we condensed matter physicists really get up to in the Lattices bit. There you will also find literally whole bytes of physics gubbins. An online thesis might even appear as if by magic...

As for this chap on the right, that's just how I feel at the average physics conference when people start asking awkward questions like "Is that slide the right way up?" or worse.

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