A fleck, a flight in feather 'til,
In hanging air to drift and fall,
Alight in spot of light and gentle
Rests a time to states unveil.

Magnetic materials have been an important part of the technological advances of the past century. Most notable in recording media such as tapes and discs they also have crucial roles in many other areas; motors, actuators, sensors and a variety of industrial processes.

The key to the rapid enhancement of magnetic devices is the ability to tailor materials with specific magnetic properties. Of particular current interest are magnetic multilayers, on which much research has already been done[1,2]. These can display many novel properties compared to bulk systems due to their construction. Interfacial and geometrical elements combine to produce these novel properties and can be adjusted by varying layer thicknesses and the composition of the layers. Fully understanding the mechanisms involved in the interactions between the layers and the effects of layer construction is vital to engineering new technologies from these materials.

Dr John Bland, 15/03/2003